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Welcome to The Collected Garden!
I'm Sandy a Seasonal Florist growing my own specialty flowers in Northern NJ, located 1/2 hour outside NYC.  Three years ago I started selling bouquets and flower jars on a whim.  The flowers were very well received, and the kind encouragement I received help me to decide to "dig in" and grow more.  Currently I have just under 750 sq. ft. of space to grow specialty annuals and perennials, so it is really important to make every inch count! 

I use  organic growing methods without chemicals of any kind.  I am able to extend the season and grow 1000's of seedlings each year because of my greenhouse Minnie!  At just 6x8 in size, the extra space allows me to grow most of my own flowers from seed, and it is filled year round.

Looking forward to sharing more here with you!

Till next time--



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